Pulsed Electric Field Equipment

SureView makes Pulsed Electric Field Machines for various applications. PEF is a novel technology that has no detrimental effect on food. PEF assisted extraction increases your profitability whereas PEF assisted microbial inactivation kills harmful microbes. PEF makes your food to retain original taste, color, flavor and mouth-feel.

A25 Series

A25 Series Pulsed Electric Field Generators

The A25 series Pulsed Electric Field generators are dedicated to applications involving extraction of intra-cellular components of foods. It supports both belt & pipe system. If you want to treat potatoes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes etc., we will supply you a PEF system with a conveyor belt handling mechanism and an M Series PEF equipment. If you wish to treat pumpable products such as crushed olives, we will supply you a pipe-based PEF system with collinear electrode arrangement.

A40 Series

A40 Series Pulsed Electric Field Machines

The A40 series PEF machines are for microbial inactivation of liquid foods such as fruit juices, smoothies, milk etc. Typically, they are designed with very high field strength. We supply pipe-based PEF system with concentric electrode arrangement with an A40 series PEF machine. We also make the A-Compact series PEF machines to take care of scenarios such as mobile (vehicular) PEF equipment.

Laboratory Scale

Laboratory Scale PEF Systems

Laboratory scale PEF systems treat any food in batch mode. We supply multiple chambers to take care of various foods – liquid as well as solid. They are designed for research & educational purpose.

PEF has wide applications such as aiding in wine maceration, meat tenderization, vacuum freeze drying, extraction of microalgae components and so on. While the same set of PEF generators are used in such applications, the ‘handling’ differs from case to case. If you have a PEF application, please contact us.

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We are team of 80 with engineers and microbiologists located in two factories near Mumbai, India.


We are making electrical equipment since 1975.


Our group has served leading companies like Reliance Industries Limited, NIFTEM, King Saud University, Portescap etc.

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SureView brings its group expertise of over 45 years in high voltage electrical equipment in building robust, reliable and economical Pulsed Electric Field Machines.
We have even supplied Pulsed Electric Field Machines to scientists experimenting with Algae or Yeast.
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