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Pulsed Electric Field Technology

SureView Instruments is a pioneer in India in Pulsed Electric Field Technology.

Our machines are used by food producers & food institutes world-wide for every application involving electroporation. We have a dedicated team of food micro-biologists and electrical engineers to design the most user-friendly customized PEF plants for food producers. We work very hard to ensure that our PEF systems won’t cost you a fortune, keeping up with our group’s tradition in electrical instruments since 1975!

Pulsed Electric Field affects cell membranes in foods and microbes. It enables food making and preservation without preservatives and much lesser oil. PEF treatment is done by passing the food through a treatment area that has 2 electrodes opposite to each other. Pulses of high voltage are applied between the electrodes. Because there is no conducting path between them, an electric field is created because of the high voltage. This kills pathogens and opens up cells.

We manufacture PEF machines with specific models for microbial inactivation, extraction of intracellular components, pasteurization of milk, wine maceration, vacuum freeze-drying and so on. Levels of the voltage and energy output are determined based on the food to be treated.

Owing to our group’s expertise in electrical equipment, we offer application-specific, cost-effective and easy to use PEF machines. Leading food institutes world-wide use our PEF Machines for experimenting. We have ample resources to guide you in selection of PEF technology for you.

SurePEF- Liqvis 1

SureView undertakes to build Liqvis series plants for treatment of pump-able liquid foods such as fruit juices. The same plant can be re-configured in case the produce changes, e.g. from Orange Juice to Watermelon Juice.

SurePEF- SolidPro 1

For solid foods such as potato, carrot, sweet potato & so on, SolidPro series PEF machines can be used. We supply the plant as a package so the treatment conveyor and interface PLC will integrate in your production line.

Labscale PEF

SureView makes PEF equipment for food laboratories, research institutes & colleges. Unlike the plants, this PEF equipment treats all foods in batches. We supply many chambers suitable for any food.

Our Strength

Our electrical engineering team comprises five engineers out of which three have an experience of over thirty years each in this domain.

We are guided by food microbiologists with the head having experience in microbiology of over twenty-five years.

We have consultants & mechatronics experts on the staff for design of the application-specific machines. We have four software engineers for programming.

We have 30 technicians to build the machines with a total staff of 80 located in two factories near Mumbai, India.

Our group has served leading companies such as Siemens, Eaton, GE, Schneider, Larsen & Toubro, Portescap, Legrand, Philips, Reliance Industries Limited, ISRO and more. We have a highly experienced engineering team which is why our customers have retained us as a vendor since 1975!

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