Benefits of Pulsed Electric Field

for various foods

Pulsed Electric Field is used for microbial inactivation in foods making them last longer without the need for preservatives or thermal treatment. This results in many benefits for foods, such as protection of original nutrition value, color, taste, flavor and freshness. PEF is also used for puncturing cells of solid food which results in increase in yield and to make them very smooth and flexible to cut. PEF treated solid foods taste better. Apart from these common benefits, there are many other benefits of PEF for specific foods. This page discusses benefits of Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) for some popular foods.

PEF increases sugar yield of sugarcane

PEF helps freeze drying of Strawberries

PEF enables cold press process in Olive

PEF improves yield and reduces marinating time of Chicken

PEF releases water & makes structural modification in potatoes

PEF enables low energy pasteurization of Yogurt

PEF helps low-energy extraction from beets

PEF increases yield & color extraction of oranges

PEF helps shelf-life extension and maintaining freshness in oranges

Pulsed Electric Field treated tomatoes are easier to peel & process

PEF helps drying enhancement of Onions

PEF enables low heat pasteurization of Carrots

Pulsed Electric Field causes lesser fouling of milk

Pulsed Electric Field treatment retains freshness of coconut water

Pulsed electric field helps control fermentation & is used in wine maceration


PEF makes the saponins release in Asparagus in addition to texture modification

General benefits of Pulsed Electric Field as a treatment

  • Lesser energy consumption (Benefiting your margin as well as a greener approach)

  • Reduced water consumption (Benefiting your margin as well as a greener approach)

  • Faster process time

  • Enhanced process optimization (Direct production benefit)

  • Extraction of valuable compounds

  • Higher yield thus directly benefitting your bottom-line

  • Less fracture

  • Improved texture & crispiness

  • New cuts & shapes

  • Improved cutting

  • Higher life of cutting blades

  • Low temperature processing

  • Preservation of higher nutritional value (main benefit; unlike conventional treatment)

  • Faster frying

  • Brighter Color (Increases the palatability of your produce)

  • Accelerated Drying

  • Retention of fresh taste (Consumers prefer PEF treated food over conventionally treated food)

  • Color extraction

  • Faster blanching time

  • Lesser oil intake (thus you not only benefit from reduction is oil consumption but also have a healthier product). Such food also tastes a lot better. Thus it can indirectly increase your sale!

  • Faster tumbling

  • Rapid freeze drying

  • No enzymes needed

  • Drastically increased shelf-life (thus your supply chain has an indirect benefit)

  • Higher probiotic value

  • Bacterial spore control

SureView Instruments manufactures Sure-PEF plants

SureView Instruments manufactures Pulsed Electric Field Generators & plants. Our background in electrical engineering has helped us design the perfect power system for PEF treatment. We have served leading companies for other equipment since 1975, which include Voltas, Teknic, L&T, Eaton, Philips, Siemens, Honeywell, Raychem, C&S, Wipro, GE, Salzer, Bajaj, Intertek, ABB, Legrand, Havells, HPL, Panasonic, UL, ERDA, ERTL, PSEG Nuclear, Blue Star, Al Fanar, Awal Gulf, Polycab, Carrier, V-Guard, Green Lumar, Thorn, AO Smith, Finolex, Indoasian, Whirlpool, Syska, Godrej, Crompton, Hager, CPRI and Nikdim.

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